I've served in the roles of Executive Director (CPO) & Board Member. I've been a committee member. I've served as a Youth of the Year judge for the State of Indiana- and so has another member of our team. We've also volunteered at & participated in Club events. Our company has worked with multiple Clubs at the local & statewide levels. And I once even was a member of the LeGore Boys Club (Indianapolis) & played on the traveling basketball team. Our firsthand experience has taught us that you & your team are very busy. You have lots of things to oversee & manage, and you're called on to be an expert in many areas.

So why not let us help you in our area of expertise: sharing your Club story? We're familiar with everything from graphic standards and the BGCA brand to the particulars of programs, funding sources & your various audiences. We can put this experience to work for you.

We created this website to show you how we may be able to help you. But we also know that each & every Club is unique, so if you need help sharing your Club story in another way, let us know, and we'll see if we can help.

Thank you for all you do for young people in your community. 


Thank you!
Todd Huff, President